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INSPIRELI AWARDS – Bořek Šípek’s legacy

On Monday, 13 February, i.e. on the day of the first anniversary of the death of prof. Bořek Šípek, was held at the Prague Crossroads the official ceremony of the second year of the architectural competition INSPIRELI AWARDS, which supports young talented architects and designers from around the world. The competition was held under the personal auspices of Mrs. Dagmar Havlová.

The competition is free of charge, and therefore students and artists from less developed countries can participate in it. A total of 1,052 persons from 99 countries took part in the competition; 50 persons from 25 countries move on to the finals. It is the biggest architectural competition in the world. The winning artists are from Italy, Japan and Iran. The winners received a “Wings to the Future” cup that has seven pairs of wings symbolizing the seven qualities of a “good” architect: the crow’s creativity, the skylark’s harmony, the hawk’s vision, the owl’s wisdom, the seagull’s boldness, the swallow’s liveliness and the dove’s peace.

Prof. Bořek Šípek, a world-famous Czech visual artist, architect, designer and university professor, founded this competition in 2015. However, he became very ill during the first year of the competition, and the competition is now run by Mr. Karel Smejkal.

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