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Dagmar Havlová’s work-related injury

During a performance of “Moments of Truth”, Mrs Dagmar Havlová seriously injured her leg

Audience members who were watching the drama Moments of Truth at the Divadlo na Vinohradech Theatre on 23rd September experienced not only the compelling acting of Dagmar Havlová and Petr Kostka, but also had a great shock. At the beginning of the play, the actress had an unlucky accident and fell from the stage. The consummate professional, she continued with the play to the end, despite being in great pain – maybe her performance was more intensive than every before. Even though the accident did not look so bad – some members of the audience even thought that the fall was part of the script – the injury is more complicated than was supposed. Dagmar Havlová has a complicated fracture of the leg bone and torn ligaments. She will have to wear a plaster cast for another six weeks and doctors have ordered absolute rest and have forbidden her to walk. If the condition does not improve, there is the chance that she will require an operation.