About the project

The Prague Crossroads, an international spiritual centre which was established at the instigation of the former president of the Czech Republic, dissident, writer and dramatist, Václav Havel, is a suggestive venue for the varied meetings where lectures, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, meditations and happenings are held. The dramaturgy of these events is based on full respect for the multicultural diversity of today’s world, because the centre’s main mission is to answer the now widespread need for unbiased and creative discussions between people of various beliefs, convictions and professions about the state of today’s civilisation and the dangers which threaten it and about our hopes for the future. The Prague Crossroads Centre is now situated in a recently unconsecrated church which was originally established by Saint Wenceslas in 927. Dagmar and Václav Havel’s VISION 97 Foundation protects the Prague Crossroads and administers the facility.