The Office of Václav Havel

Virtuální prohlídka Kanceláře Václava Havla

The Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation has prepared a new cultural project of an international dimension called the Office of Václav Havel (OVH), which makes it possible for people around the world to view the OVH in 3D. The OVH virtual tour project is very educational and its objective is to show Václav Havel’s personality and to convey his ideas and visionary view of the world. After three years of hard work, we were able to digitalize and open the Office of Václav Havel located at the same address as The Foundation VIZE 97, i.e. in the Schwarzenberg Palace at Voršilská Street 10, Prague 1. These unique premises became Václav Havel’s office in 2003. Václav Havel, who was famous for his deep-seated sense of art and aesthetics, created the interior of his office himself in collaboration with architect Bořek Šípek, thus leaving his own imprint. The rooms on the ground floor with a vaulted ceiling sensitively combine old and modern art and house original glass bookcases as well as modern furniture. Ceiling paintings and many valuable gifts that Václav Havel received co-create the unique atmosphere of these premises.

Virtual tour –
  • enjoy a virtual tour of the interior created by Václav Havel in collaboration with Bořek Šípek
  • walk through all five office rooms
  • touch more than 70 items described in detail
  • listen to the music of Varhan Orchestorovič Bauer
  • watch regular recordings of debates with interesting guests
  • you can watch all this on your computer, tablet or mobile phone 

Discussions in the Office of Václav Havel