Support for musically Talented Students

Support for Musically Talented Students is a new project that loosely follows on from the Education Support project established by the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 in 1999. During its 15 years of existence that project of the VIZE 97 Foundation supported a total of 119 students, who received grants totalling 4,547,000 crowns. As part of the project the Foundation also awarded the “Recognition for the Philosophy of Education and for the Renewal of University Ideas” prize seven times
The new project was initiated by the VIZE 97 Foundation in April 2019, when it set out the conditions for applications.

The project is aimed solely at the cultural sphere and its goal is to support musically talented students from the ages of 14 to 20 who are socially disadvantaged and have permanent residence in the Czech Republic, and help them develop their talent.
Seven applications were received from students who fulfilled the conditions, and three of them received financial support totally 140,000 crowns: Martin Šulc, who is studying the accordion, Sabina Snížková, who plays the flute, and Kateřina Straková, who is a solo singer.
Assistance with the demanding task of assessing their talent and selecting the finalists was rendered by a long-term associate of the Foundation and former recipient of an education grant Mr Ondřej Lébr, who is now a successful musician and music teacher and fosters interest in music among the younger generation.
Diplomas for the successful applicants were created by the renowned artist Jiří Plieštik, and they were formally presented to the students by Mrs Dagmar Havlová at a gathering attended by Mr Ondřej Lébr and Dr Gerhardt Bubník, whose sponsorship gift enabled the project to come into being.
Part of the support for the students was the opportunity for them to perform publicly at the Prague Crossroads during the St Nicholas Charity Bazaar. The students performed their own repertoire, and also rehearsed compositions in which they played together. Their performances contributed to the festive pre-Christmas atmosphere and was greatly appreciated by visitors to the bazaar.