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Farewell to Sweden’s Presidency in Prague Crossroads

Sweden’s half-year Presidency of the Council of the European Union is drawing to a close. On this occasion, the Embassy used a beautiful Swedish tradition of the Saint Lucy’s Day to arrange an unforgettable concert.

The event was held on 21 December 2009 in Prague Crossroads. Guests were guided to the church by a row of burning candles, which marked the Christmas atmosphere. After a short thank-you address by Swedish Ambassador Catherine von Heidenstam, the lights in the church dimmed, and a choir, dressed in white robes and carrying lit candles, arrived on the scene. The church was filled with Swedish Christmas songs performed by the Small Choir, one of the most talented young choirs in Sweden, led by choir-master Pelle Olofsson. After a few songs, Saint Lucy, the bringer of light, with a crown of burning candles on her head, joined the singers.

The concert atmosphere was very enjoyable, involving the calm and the spirit of upcoming Christmas