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Laureate Prize VIZE 97 for 2010

On 2nd March 2010, a Board Meeting of the VIZE Prize programme was held at the Foundations headquarters. Members of the Board voted Professor Konrad Paul Liessmann as the twelfth Laureate, who has already officially confirmed his acceptance of the Prize. ,

Professor Liessmann was born in Austria in 1953 and is the senior lecturer at the Institute of Philosophy of the university in Vienna. He also works as an essayist, literary critic and arts journalist. In Vienna he received the prestigious award “Scientist of the year 2006.” Recently his book called the “Theory of Uneducation” was published in the Czech Republic. It is a book which is a criticism of the current state of science and education, primarily in the humanitarian sphere, with an outlook into the future. The book has noted tremendous interest among readers.

The Foundation VIZE 97 prize will be traditionally awarded on the date of President Václav Havel’s birthday, thus 5th October, at the facilities of the Prague Crossroads. On the occasion of awarding the Prize, an anthology containing texts by Laureates will also be issued.