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Naming the airport after President Václav Havel

Mrs. Dagmar Havlová is leading intensive negotiations with ministers and other interested persons on adding the name Václav Havel to the name of Prague Airport. Mrs. Havlová also expressed her opinion on the subject at the awards ceremony of the Trebbia European Awards, where she accepted a symbolic cheque for her VIZE 97 Foundation. Live on Czech TV she expressed her disappointment with the fact that the Czech government has been hesitating with connecting the name of her deceased husband to the existing name of the airport. She added that it is not an exception for an airport abroad to carry the name of a significant statesman, which Václav Havel undoubtedly was.

Mrs. Havlová will continue to strive for the realisation of the idea of director Fero Fenič, which even a number of world figures have joined during the existence of the initiative (more information available at This initiative, just as a large number of other proposals related to the passing of President Havel, which she addresses daily, reassures her belief that a reference to Václav Havel remains inspirational not only for present but future generations as well.