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Poet František Listopad receives the Charter 77 Foundation Award at Prague Crossroads

On 8 November at Prague Crossroads, František Listopad, poet, prose-writer, theatre and television director, and educator, received the Jaroslav Seifert Award, which is presented by the Charter 77 Foundation every year. The author, whose real name is Jiří Synek and who chose his pseudonym by the month of his birth, lives in Portugal. He has translated numerous works by playwright and founder of the VIZE 97 Foundation, President Václav Havel. In foreign countries, his works are published under pseudonym Jorge Listopad.

The Charter 77 Foundation has presented the Award, named after the only Czech winner of the Nobel Literature Prize, since 1986. The first winner of the Award has been Dominik Tatarka. Some of the others are Ludvík Vaculík, Ivan Diviš, Jiří Kolář, Bohumil Hrabal, Milan Kundera, Karel Milota, Věra Linhartová or Josef Škvorecký.