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The 10th anniversary of the establishment of Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97

On the first summer day of 1997, Mrs Dagmar Havlová established a foundation called VIZE 97. Today, we will therefore celebrate ten years of the Foundation’s successful activities in the non-profit sector. This anniversary is the basis for some reflection and also for a review of the past. What has the Foundation achieved during this period? What has gone right? What is the Foundation’s vision for the coming years?

The completed programmes, such as the passage across the mound of the Dusty Bridge (Prašný most) which connects the lower and upper parts of Jelení příkop, the footbridge across Chotkova Street or the humanitarian aid in the areas affected by flooding prove that the VIZE 97 Foundation has been able to coordinate and complete a number of large and demanding projects. Alongside these tasks, however, the Foundation has dedicated and continues to dedicate itself to a large number of programmes with a wide range of activities. In the social area, the Foundation’s cornerstone is the Fund of Understanding which constantly assists the needy and in particular retirement homes for senior citizens or hospices. This further involves support for Chechen children or the provision of grants from the Foundation Investment Fund. Great efforts have been made with regard to the reconstruction of Saint Anne’s Church, the Prague Crossroads. The Foundation is now faced with the difficult task of gathering sufficient funds to repair the church’s roof and facade. In the field of healthcare, Mrs Havlová has supported the free provision of a diagnostic test to all citizens of the Czech Republic who are 50 or over within the framework of the Timely Diagnosis and Prevention of Bowel and Rectal Cancer. Prevention is of particular importance and the Foundation is therefore currently concentrating on a media campaign and increasing awareness. In the area of education, the Foundation has assisted a number of tertiary students when studying at universities abroad. Many of them remain thankful to the Foundation and cooperate with it or support it.

Ten years of hard work, ten years of connections with many volunteers, ten years of assisting good causes. We hope that the next ten years of the VIZE 97 Foundation’s activities will be just as expansive and successful and that the Foundation will be able to do a lot of good.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have selflessly assisted the Foundation and those who support the Foundation with sponsorship gifts. We are greatly looking forward to further cooperation with you in the upcoming years.