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Cooperation with the health information portal

Under its project “The timely diagnosis and prevention of bowel and rectal cancer” the VIZE 97 Foundation established cooperation with the information portal Our main effort is to expand the range of information channels, so that we could provide information to as many people as possible about this malicious disease and about the possibility to perform a simple faecal occult blood test, which is provided once in two years to all citizens of the Czech Republic over fifty years of age for free owing to the efforts of the VIZE 97 Foundation. On the portal one will be able to read topical articles, interviews with experts with whom the VIZE 97 Foundation cooperates, and other interesting information that we hope will help to raise awareness about this disease, the possibilities of its prevention and treatment.

The portal contains comprehensive information from all areas of medicine, health and healthcare, but also lifestyle. Though its unique approach being applied in cooperation with many professional partners and subjects, it provides a wide information and communication space as well as priceless information both to the general lay public and to a wide spectrum of professionals.

Large intestine cancer is the most common malignant disease in our country and becomes more and more common. The Czech republic thus holds the unenviable primacy in the global scale. The exact causes of the disease are probably a combination of several civilisation factors, such as obesity, insufficient physical exercise, specific diet with a high consumption of alcohol, and smoking. However, with an early diagnosis of this malignant disease there is a high probability of a complete recovery. Owing to Dagmar Havlová, who established the project of the timely diagnosis and prevention of bowel and rectal cancer already in 1998, faecal occult blood tests are reimbursed to all citizens over fifty years of age in full by health insurance companies.