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The history of the church

Brief history of the church and Prague Crossroads


Czech Prince Václav founds St. Lawrence’s church

12th century

construction of the Romanesque rotunda of St. Lawrence


Templars settle at St. Lawrence’s


Knights of Malta buy the church


Dominican nuns from St. Anne’s convent in Újezd

circa 1360

Eastern chancel keystone is laid

after 1372

Třeboň altar Master paints murals in the presbytery

1st half of the 15th cent.

the only Prague church not to be affected by the Hussite wars


historian Václav Hájek of Libočany is buried in the church crypt


the church is reconstructed due to Queen Anne’s efforts


the nuns’ chancel is newly constructed


the interior stucco decorations are finished


the convent church is abolished and deconsecrated under Joseph II


printer Jan Ferdinand of Schönfeld purchases it


printing works established; the church is divided into storeys; a service lift is constructed


three upper storeys of the tower are removed and the Gothic ribbed vault is torn down


archaeological research


roof and truss reconstruction


reconstruction of the middle wing for the National Theatre ballet ensemble


the Havel Foundation finds the church and considers its reconstruction


the Foundation conducts renovation of the church


The Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 rents the church from the National Theatre for 99 years


the church reconstruction begins according to architect Eva Jiřičná’s plan; the removal of the modern plaster layers from the church walls is started; first uncovering of the fresco paintings and restoration of the church walls


expert discussion with conservationists about the final version of the project


reconstruction of the eastern wall; use of electro-osmosis for dehumidification of the wall


archaeological research; restoration of the church gate and restoration adaptation of the original truss parts


the reconstruction itself – removal of the storeys and modern tie beams, removal of the service lift, window renovation, installation of a service walkway in the truss, restoration and completion of a part of the Gothic staircase in the tower, installation of vaulting ribs imitating the original shape of the Gothic ribbed vault, insertion and installation of the stage and new heated floor, reconstruction of the part of the cloister used as the church’s rear area


installation of the “altar picture” – Adriena Šimotová’s drawings – the Ecstatic Hero; restoration of the frescoes

5 Oct 2004

the PRAŽSKÁ KŘIŽOVATKA spiritual cultural centre starts activity by awarding the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 Prize to Professor Petr Vopěnka


concerts by Magdalena Kožená and Iva Bitová, Struny Podzimu (Autumn Strings), Religious Convention, opening of the Helsinki Conference and others

5 Sep 2005

a votive gift – a purse of silver coins from the time of King John of Luxembourg – is found by the restoration firm TRADICE


restoration of the fresco paintings on the northern and southern walls of the church interior; reconstruction of another part of the cloister

5 Oct 2005

the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 Prize is awarded to Professor Philip G. Zimbardo