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Curative stays for seniors from Canaria Travel

The travel agency Canaria Travel celebrated the 15th anniversary of its foundation at the Letňany Expo Grounds. Mr and Mrs Havel were the honorable guests of this celebration. Mrs Dagmar Havlová, Chairwoman of the Board of the VIZE 97 Foundation, collected a symbolic cheque for CZK 500,000 from Lenka Viková, the company’s CEO. This number represents the value of the non-monetary donation – comprising of a package of curative stays. The objective of this donation is to help old and sick people to recuperate from serious disease or operations. Seniors are often an unfairly marginalised group in the non-profit sphere. To counter this, the VIZE 97 Foundation has been striving for some time now to gradually change this situation. We would like to thank Canaria Travel for helping us with this virtuous aim.