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Dagmar Havlová presented the 25th VIZE 97 Foundation Prize

John C. Lennox became the laureate of the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 Prize for 2023. The Prize was given to him for an unmissable contribution to the public debate on the role of religion in contemporary civilization.

The ceremony took place on October 5 at the Prague Crossroads, on the birthday of President Václav Havel. The laureate received a diploma and an artifact in the form of the scepter of St. Vojtěch by the Czech artist Jiří Plieštik.

“Professor Lennox becomes this year’s laureate of the VIZE 97 Prize not because of his research in the mathematical field, in which he naturally excels, but above all because of the engagement he shows in the discussion of religion and its influence on modern science. It helps us, the lay public, to become familiar with the issues that the debate about the relationship between faith and science necessarily brings up and which are important, non-obvious, difficult and yet timeless and at the same time extremely topical,” reads the opinion of the Board of the VIZE 97 Prize project.

In the morning, a debate and panel discussion took place with the laureate and other participants on the topic of Science and Religion.

Foto: Alan Pajer

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