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Exclusive cars – authentic gold – shining stars – exceptional good.

Exclusive cars—authentic gold—shining stars—exceptional good.
Not seeing the connection among these phrases? The answer is the STARLIGHT Edition of the BMW i8 and i3, with which Dagmar Havlová has been photographed.
The Czech branch of BMW Group has prepared a collector’s edition of two “golden” automobiles, through which—thanks to their sale at a benefit auction—their new owner will aid the charitable aims of The Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation.
These cars are exceptional in their unique two-color design, in which a golden front smoothly fades into a pitch-black rear—together reminiscent of the night sky’s shining stars. What makes the STARLIGHT edition unique is the use of gold dust with a purity of nearly 24 karats to cover one half of each of the two cars.