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First Slovak laureate of the VIZE 97 Award

Iva Mojžišová, important Slovak art theorist and philosopher will be awarded by the VIZE 97 Foundation of Dagmar and Václav Havel Award this year. She will be the second awarded woman and the very first laureate of Slovak nationality.

Like in previous years, the date of awarding the VIZE 97 Award will be 5 October. The award will be granted from the hands of Dagmar and Václav Havel to Mrs Iva Mojžišová, one of the most important Slovak historians of art at Pražská křižovatka. The essential works of Mrs Mojžišová include the critiques summarized in her two most famous books Giacometti’s Eye (1994) and Giacometti’s Laugh (2009). Recently, her texts in the book of Milena Bartlová and Martina Pachmanová Artemis and Dr. Faust. Women in Czech and Slovak history of art have been published.

Traditional morning debate with the VIZE 97 Award laureate and other interesting guests, which will be open to the public, will take place at Pražská křižovatka – former church of St. Anna in Prague 1 on Tuesday 5 October from 10 to 12 a.m. and the ceremony will take place here as well at 4 p.m.

Laureates of the Dagmar and Václav Havel VIZE 97 Prize:

  • 1999 Karl H. Pribram – American neurosurgeon and thinker

  • 2000 Umberto Eco – World-famous semiotician and writer

  • 2001 Zdeněk Neubauer – Czech scientist and philosopher

  • 2002 Joseph Weizenbaum – American computer scientist and thinker of German origin

  • 2003 Robert B. Reich – American economist and ex-Member of Bill Clinton Administration

  • 2004 Petr Vopěnka – World-famous Czech mathematician and ex-Minister of Education

  • 2005 Philip G. Zimbardo – World-famous American psychologist

  • 2006 Zygmunt Bauman – Distinguished Polish sociologist

  • 2007 Stanislav Grof – World-famous psychologist and psychiatrist of Czech origin

  • 2008 Julia Kristeva – Distinguished writer, linguist and psychoanalyst

  • 2009 Václav Cílek – Distinguished Czech geologist, writer, philosopher and populariser of science

  • 2010 Konrad Paul Liessmann – Significant Austrian philosopher, essayist and literary critic

  • 2011 Iva Mojžišová – important Slovak art theorist and philosopher

    Iva Mojžišová

      Iva Mojžišová (1939) was born in Bratislava in the family of Slovak physician and Czech-Russian historian of medicine. She studied the history of art and history at Komenský University in Bratislava, and she never left her native city for a long time. She graduated in 1961 at the time when doc. PhDr. Alžběta Güntherová, department manager, was dismissed from the University for ideological reasons.

      The desire of young graduate to teach or continue in the university career was unheard because of similar reasons. She refused to attend the graduation ceremony without academic degree; she did not know that this obstinacy would not abandon her until her seventy when she decided to obtain the doctorate.

      The scenography, dance (Bauhaus), Euro-American and Czechoslovakian modern style and avant-garde (School of Art Crafts in Bratislava) led her to the first serious meeting with the art. Later, she worked with the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

      When the situation changed due to Soviet occupation, she found her place in working on headwords for an academic encyclopaedia and research of newly discovered designs of old theatre decorations in Dolný Kubín.

      Upon arrival of democracy, she tried to come back to abandoned themes; she wrote articles, essays, books and organized exhibitions. Neither long severe disease made her to give up her work and perpetually demonstrate that “changes and pressures of the world can be mastered without change to the attitudes and belief in values”.

      She was awarded by many awards; the most important is the degree of Doctor honoris causa (2009) awarded by the Graphic Art University in Bratislava, the Dominik Tatarka Award (2011) and the VIZE 97 Foundation of Dagmar and Václav Havel Award.