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The Heart for Václav Havel is back at the square

The Heart for Václav Havel, a memorial artifact made by the academic sculptor Kurt Gebauer at the request of Mrs. Dagmar Havlová, is back at Václav Havel Square. The final heart was made from the original Heart that was officially unveiled by the New Stage of the National Theatre in the presence of Mrs. Dagmar Havlová on 4 October 2016 one day before the 80th anniversary of Václav Havel’s birthday. Visitors could write their messages on the model, which were then engraved and cast and thus immortalized.

The original Heart, decorated with messages and drawings, is now at the Prague Crossroads where you can see it as part of the exhibition of photographs showing President Václav Havel. The exhibition is free of charge and open until 17 November 2017.