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My hero Václav Havel according to seven year old Linda Boubínová

Washington – Little Miss Linda Boubínová is standing in the park, where the first of many Havel’s Place memorials was unveiled in September and describes her relationship to Mr. President Václav Havel. Linda published a six-minute video on YouTube and lets her peers, parents and friends talk about their relationship to the former Czech president.

Linda also asked her teachers at school, as well as passers-by on the street and in restaurants about their relationship to President Havel and how they perceive his influence on world politics, the promotion of a democratic society and human rights. However, people have not forgotten about his artistic work as well. Czechs living in Washington have also gained space for expressing ideas.

You can watch the video about how Linda Boubínová and people living in Washington, the United States, remember Mr. President Václav Havel and what they think of him at the following link

Thank you Linda for a beautiful and moving video!