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Patronage of the 9th Nurse of the Year Event

Prague’s Žofín Palace hosted the Nurse of the Year ceremony for the ninth time. As usual, the project was held under the auspices of Dagmar Havlová. This virtuous event has been held under her auspices, granted on behalf of VIZE 97 Foundation, since its beginnings. In her opening welcome address, Mrs. Havlová thanked all the nominated nurses present for their commitment, and enduring and self-sacrificing work.

At the conclusion of the event, Mrs Havlová presented the main Lifetime Achievement Award in Nursing to Ms Vlasta Polejová. This award is intended to highlight the importance of nurses’ work. Ms Polejová has been active in healthcare for 60 years. At the start of her career, she served as a nurse in Strakonice’s hospital and, in the 1970s, she came to Prague’s General University Hospital (VFN). She continues to help in healthcare even today – by processing data on a computer for health insurers.

Other awards presented during the evening included the Hospital and Outpatient Nurse Award to Šárka Kaletová from Ostrava; the Social Care Nurse Award to Ms Alena Hlásná, who works in the Štíty rest home; and the Research and Education Nurse Award to Ms Jana Korandová from the Rheumatologic Institute in Prague.

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