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Personalities battling against colon and rectal cancer in a new commercial

In 2013, Mrs Dagmar Havlová has decided to build on the successful series of TV spots, and will use the newly-filmed material to once again warn the public of the risks of this dangerous cancer. The Prague Crossroads was the venue for the new version, in which 13 well-known personalities urge the citizens of the Czech Republic to pay attention to their health and have themselves tested by their GP. The following personalities appeared in the commercial directed by Jiří Strach and filmed by Jan Malíř: Eliška Balzerová, Dana Batulková, Kateřina Brožová, Jiří Dvořák, Květa Fialová, Milan Hein, Kateřina Hrachovcová-Herčíková, Daniela Kolářová, Kateřina Macháčková, Tomáš Töpfer and Professor Miroslav Zavoral.

The Foundation would like to thank all of the above-mentioned personalities for their time and enthusiasm, and the members of the film crew and also Panavision for providing the cameras.