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Portuguese fado vocalist Ana Moura performed at Prague Crossroads

The international festival Strings of Autumn hosted the Portuguese fado vocalist at Prague Crossroads. Given high public demand, the 25-year-old singer Ana Moura gave two performances in the desecrated Church of St. Ann.

Fado is a music genre which originates from Portuguese folk songs, with the dominance of gloomy mood and minor tones. The singer was accompanied by musicians playing Portuguese and classical guitars, with their solo having filled the church space with lively and unforgettable atmosphere. Ana Moura has become famous not only in Europe but also in the United States, where she successfully debuted in New York’s Carnegie Hall in 2005.

Other concerts at Prague Crossroads as part of the XII year of the Strings of Autumn festival will be performed by J. Bárta and Ch. Hanslip on 10 October, and Bester Quartet (Krakow Clezmer Band) on 25 October.