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The closing ceremony of the “HIV – Labour and Social Aspects” conference at the Prague Crossroads

On 10th March 2007, the Prague Crossroads facility was the venue for the conclusion of the “HIV – Labour and Social Aspects” conference which took place under the patronage of Mrs Dagmar Havlová. The evening was compared by Mr Martin Krafl MSc. The Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 supported the holding of the conference and became a partner in the entire event. The VIZE 97 Foundation thus continued its previous cooperation from 1999 when it provided a home for HIV positive citizens with furnishings and fittings at the amount of 37,395 crowns. Dagmar and Václav Havel visited the Světla Home in December 1999 in order to acquaint themselves with the environment, activities and everyday operations of this facility. Dagmar Havlová returned to the Světla Home in 2000 in order to present them with a gift in the form of a refrigerator and a vacuum cleaner at a total value of 29,980 crowns.