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The important international sociologist, Zygmunt Bauman, visited the Foundation

The next day, he received the VIZE 97 Prize at the Prague Crossroads

The “annually issued VIZE 97 Prize, which consists of a diploma and a memorial ornament in the form of the Crutch of Saint Vojtěch, goes to a person whose work has significantly shifted human horizons, drawn attention to lesser known phenomena and contexts, helped to incorporate the results of science into general culture and deepened the alternative of the human view of the world, the cosmos and the fundamental questions,” explains Václav Havel. The prize winners include a number of significant Czech and international names. The historical first laureate in 1999 was Karl H. Pribram – the American neurosurgeon and thinker. In 2000, the prize went to the internationally known writer, Umberto Eco, for his semiotic work. A Czech winner of the prize is, for example, the philosopher, Zdeněk Neubauer.

The tradition of awarding the VIZE 97 Prize was established by Mrs Dagmar Havlová, the Chairwoman of the VIZE 97 Foundation’s Board of Trustees. It was a gift to her husband, the President, for his birthday.

Zygmunt Bauman also participated in the press conference which was associated with this year’s VIZE 97 Foundation Prize and was held at the Patriot – X Restaurant.