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The Jaroslav Seifert Literary Award was presented at the Prague Crossroads

The poetic, prose writer and essayist, Ivan Martin Jirous, became the laureate for 2006. The jury led by the literary historian and critic, Jiří Brabec, acknowledged his life-long poetic work and also took into account his published collection of prison correspondence entitled An Idiot’s Letters (Magorovy dopisy). The prestigious Jaroslav Seifert Literary Prize has been presented by the Charter 77 Foundation since 1986 at the instigation of Professor František Janouch.

The Jaroslav Seifert Prize is awarded for a poetic or belletristic work published or otherwise disseminated in the Czech Republic or abroad in the last three years and exceptionally for a writer’s life-long work.

The Manager of the Charter 77 is Mrs Božena Jirků, who is also an honorary member of the Board of the Fund of Understanding, one of the main projects of the VIZE 97 Foundation.