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The VIZE 97 Prize Ceremony for the Tenth Time

The anniversary tenth winner of the VIZE 97 Prize has been a woman for the first time. The Prize went to writer, linguist and psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva. Táňa Fischerová, who respectably and gracefully hosted the entire event for viewers, welcomed Ms Kristeva, the Havels and Professor Miroslav Petříček.

The opening address by President Václav Havel was followed by Professor Petříček’s laudation, after which Julia Kristeva, the Prize winner, delivered her speech.

The highlight of the whole meeting was the presentation of the VIZE 97 Prize to the winner; the Prize consists of two items – the Commemorative Diploma and the Crutch of Saint Vojtěch.

The Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation published a book entitled “Polyfonie – významy, pohlaví, světy” (Polyphony – Meanings, Genders, Worlds) on occasion of Ms Julia Kristeva, this year’s Prize winner. The book is a sequel to the VIZE 97 Prize Winners Edition.

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