Publicising the prevention of colon and rectal cancer

The VIZE 97 Foundation has played a major role in raising the issue
of the prevention of colon and rectal cancer. Thanks to the Foundation
a donation was received in 2000 that helped establish
a dense network of endoscopic facilities to meet the great demands
of the preventive programme, and thanks to the Foundation’s
efforts, health insurers now fully cover the costs of an occult
bleeding test for all people over the age of fifty. This was all achieved
at a time when no similar health awareness programme existed
and there was none of the support from various grant agencies
that there is now. Foremost Czech doctors, headed by Professor
Miloslav Zavoral, director of the Central Military Hospital and
a world-renowned gastroentologist, have confirmed that thanks
to the introduction of the preventive national programme over
eight thousand human lives have been saved!