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The Václav Havel Academy in Ötzenhausen, Germany

The Václav Havel Academy, which will be incorporated into the European Academy of Ötzenhausen and will offer courses, will open in the spring of 2017. The Academy will provide weekly thematic courses open to the public that will also include an event with a selected artist or politician. The courses will be provided in English, German and French.

Many European educational organizations will be involved in the Academy. Its goal will be to educate young people in European history, European institutions, etc. Today’s multi-cultural world requires us to understand the context of events and we cannot focus only on our own country.

University president and prominent Danish journalist Peter von Kohl, who came up with this idea, met with Václav Havel in the late 1990s. In Strasbourg, he told Václav Havel about his idea to name this institution after him. Václav Havel was not against it, and this long-term project will now be implemented.