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The medical congress at the Prague Crossroads

A very successful medical congress on colorectal carcinoma designated for medical professionals took place on 29 September at the Prague Crossroads, with major help from Zepter International s.r.o., the general partner of our project “Early Diagnostics and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer.”

THE 6TH POSTGRADUAL COURSE OF THE SOCIETY FOR GASTROINTESTINAL ONCOLOGY organized by the VIZE 97 Foundation, the Central Military Hospital in Prague and the Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology of the Czech Medical Society of J. E. Purkyně attracted more than 150 physicians to the church. The course included great presentations of prominent experts in this topic, e.g. the presentation of professor Classen, one of the most prominent world gastroenterologists, whose presentation was a great success, as well as the presentations of many other great experts, such as professor Zavoral, professor Špičák, professor Ryska, docent Seifert, doctor Suchánek.

The congress was concluded with a soirée where Mr. Jaroslav Svěcený and his colleague, guitar player Miloslav Klaus, captivated everybody with their mastery. During the soirée, Mr. Ciaran S. Kelly, CEO of Zepter International, gave Mr. Vangelis Zingopis, director of the VIZE 97 Foundation, a check for 592,900 CZK for the medical project of the Foundation.

The VIZE 97 Foundation is planning to organize at least four other medical congresses at the Church of St. Anne in 2015.