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Exhibition of photos by Alan Pajer and a new work of art by Daniel Pešta

Dagmar Havlová and the VIZE 97 Foundation plan, in association with Alan Pajer, one of the President’s Office photographers, an exhibition of photos of President Václav Havel. The photos will be on display at the Prague Crossroads, Church of Saint Anna, whose preservation and administration the VIZE 97 Foundation has taken care of for many years. The public will be able to  see them 28 October to 17 November 2016, always between 10:00 and 16:00.

President Václav Havel would have celebrated his 80th birthday on 5 October 2016. For this occasion Ms Dagmar Havlová has organized, together with the VIZE 97 Foundation, several major events to recall the president’s personality. One of them is an exhibition of photographs by Alan Pajer, official photographer of the President’s Office. Photos by Bohdan Holomíček, Oldřicha Škácha and Tomáš Beran will also be on display. Alan Pajer has staged several such exhibitions with the focus largely on Václav Havel’s presidency.

The exhibition will comprise an exposition of a new work by Daniel Pešta, a multimedia visual artist. The themes of his works often reflect on the mysteries of human existence and one’s role in society, frequently with a social or political undertone. A duplicate of a bust of Václav Havel will be placed on the podium of the Prague Crossroads, whose original is in the U.S. Capitol’s Freedom Foyer. It was made by the sculptor Lubomír Janečka. The original bust was unveiled Freedom Foyer in November 2014. Václav Havel was the fourth European to be so honoured.

The general partner of the exhibition is the global investment group Pioneer Investments, with which the VIZE 97 Foundation collaborates closely.

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