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The series of “Art for Václav Havel” medals is now complete

The last two sets of medals of the Czech Mint from the “Art for Václav Havel” collection, which were designed by artists David Černý and Jaroslav Róna, have been issued. Černý called his medal “Always in a Bad Mood”. It is a paraphrase of Václav Havel’s famous comment when describing the situation in society in 1997. According to David Černý, it pointedly describes the current situation as well. The medal depicts St. Wenceslas sitting on the belly of a dead horse, which David Černý modelled after the statue that we know from the arcade of the Lucerna Palace and that used to be in the lower part of Wenceslas Square. The medal was made by Martin Dašek.

david_cerny_stale_blba_nalada_au_proof_r david_cerny_stale_blba_nalada_au_proof_a david_cerny_stale_blba_nalada_ag_proof_etue_02

The last but one medal from the “Art for Václav Havel” series was designed by painter and sculptor Jaroslav Róna. It depicts a “Conquistador“ – a Spanish conqueror of the New World – and points out the fact that Václav Havel opened a gate to the world for Czechs and Slovaks after the Velvet Revolution. The medal was made by experienced academic sculptor Vladimír Oppl.

j_rona_conquistador_au_proof_a j_rona_conquistador_au_proof_r j_rona_conquistador_ag_proof_etue_02

You can now buy all seven exceptional medals made by seven prominent artists. They were created by Černý, Róna, Bořek Šípek, Olbram Zoubek, Jiří David, Kurt Gebauer and Aleš Lamr. The proceeds from these medals will be used for the reconstruction of the Prague Crossroads, the international spiritual and cultural center situated in the Church of St. Anne and protected by the Foundation VIZE 97. The reverse side of the medal is dedicated to the Prague Crossroads.