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VIZE 97 Cooperates with Civic Association ONKOMAJÁK

In early 2010, the VIZE 97 Foundation, as part of its health project “Timely Diagnosis and Prevention of Bowel and Rectal Cancer,” established cooperation with civic association ONKOMAJÁK (Oncological Beacon). The main mission of this organisation is to save lives and show the way, as well as to present the possibilities available to all people of the Czech Republic when they find themselves on the stormy sea of being diagnosed with cancer. VIZE 97 and ONKOMAJÁK o.s. jointly strive to make the public aware of the insidious disease of the large bowel and rectal cancer and of the possibility of performing a simple faecal occult blood test at home, which is available for free to all people of the Czech Republic older than 50 years.

ONKOMAJÁK’s largest campaign at the moment is the Střevotour 2010 (Bowel Tour 2010) project. It is a ‘road show’ campaign, which will successively visit selected large cities in the Czech Republic. The event also includes a scale model of the size of 9×4 metres, which people can go through as if it were a tunnel and view how large bowel looks inside. They will see not only healthy mucous membrane but also a clear demonstration of the diseases that affect the large bowel most often. Of course, the most serious disease is the large bowel and rectal cancer.

For the first time, Střevotour 2010 was presented on 11 February in Prague’s shopping centre Nový Smíchov, followed by the cities of Plzeň, Chomutov, Liberec, Ústí nad Labem and, for 19-25 April 2010, the tour returns to Prague, OC Palác Flóra. The complete overview of all the locations where the Střevotour 2010 project will be presented and other relevant information are available on the civic association’s official websites

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