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The VIZE 97 Prize Board voted on this year’s laureate

The VIZE 97 Prize Board met at the registered office of the VIZE 97 Foundation. The prize has been awarded since 1999. The Board meets every year to vote on the prize winner. The nominees include significant thinkers whose work exceeds the traditional framework of scientific knowledge, contributes to the understanding of science as an integral part of general culture and tackles in an unconventional way the fundamental questions of knowledge, being and human existence. Last year, the prize was awarded to professor Jan Sokol.

The regular awarding of the VIZE 97 Prize also includes informal meetings of students and professors who talk with the laureate and invited guests. The prize is officially awarded on 5 October, which is the date of birth President Václav Havel.

The Board of Directors of the VIZE 97 Foundation, which met on Monday 27 March, approved, among other things, the 2017 economic plans of the Foundation.