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The Week of Pharmacies

This year, the traditional event of pharmacists from the entire CR – The Day of Pharmacies – is held on Thursday, 19 June. However, this year, the event will not take just one day, but the entire Week of Pharmacies – from 16 to 22 June. The topic is important: the prevention of colorectal cancer. For this event, the Czech Pharmaceutical Chamber joined its forces with the Dagmar and Václav Havel VIZE 97 Foundation to educate people on this issue.

Colorectal carcinoma is a very serious illness that kills approximately 4,000 patients in the CR every year. And yet, it is often absolutely unnecessary because if you have preventive checkups and do not underestimate certain symptoms, you have a great chance that it will be diagnosed early enough not to essentially affect the quality of your life.

Stop at one of more than 7,000 registered pharmacies during the Week of Pharmacies where pharmacists will fill out with you a short questionnaire that will help them evaluate your risk of colorectal cancer. They will explain to you the principles of preventive measures, which include a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. If necessary based on the questionnaire result, they will recommend a further medical examination.

You will also receive printed materials about how easy it is nowadays to diagnose cancer in the comfort of your home, using a simple test

Pharmacies involved in the Week of Pharmacies

Come for advice to the pharmacies during the week starting on 16 June; out of all healthcare facilities, they are the closest to your home.